Thank You Veterans for My Blog

WOW…what a week it’s been so far! We made history in multiple ways. We will continue to do so in the days to come. 
As Americans, we have the freedom to express our opinions and engage in discussion when we have a different point of view. 

Where else but in America could I, a woman of Hispanic and Jewish discent, pour my thoughts out onto this blog then broadcast them to any number of the millions of others out there in cyberspace? My greatgrandmother Lily was denied the opportunity to read or write when she grew up in Europe. It was useless to educate a female…let alone a Jewish girl. Oh my…how far our bloodline has flowed with her arduous journey to America!
With all the current passionate disagreement, the one thing we can agree upon is that it is our US Armed Forces that protect that and all other freedoms for all Americans. 

Today, please exercise your freedom of speech and thank a Veteran for his or her service. 
God bless every soldier, sailor, marine and airman. GOD BLESS AMERICA!


Goodbye Grudges 

The grudges i used to carry were so numerous and heavy, they not only kept me from moving forward but they were making me sink in the barren ground i was standing on. 

While i have not perfected the art of letting go, the results so far have been liberating. I highly recommend it.

Good Night Sweet Prince, Good-bye

Prince came into my life at a very painful and confusing time. At 14, we’re somewhat obsessed with finding out who we are and where we fit in. My pedigree is not the best and thought it would forever define me. I self-identified as a misfit…still do…and believed that it put limits on me. Inside I was weird and dark and retreated into ink on pages, whether the words i wrote myself or ones i read written by others while listening to music.
purple rain cover
I my adolescent self felt instantly connected with Prince when Purple Rain came out. Not only was the album filled with funktastic tunes with a sound i never heard before but the lyrics…they were trippy and poignant and raw. And Prince, the artist himself, was among the first to show me that a person is more than his/her pedigree. That the only limits on me were the ones I put on myself. That it’s okay to be quirky if that’s who you are. That retreating into your creativity can emblazon your mark on this world. That being diminutive in stature doesn’t mean you can’t be larger than life when you find your passion.
Most of all, Prince showed me that you can and should fly your freak flag freely.
You've got the butterflies all tied up Don't make me chase you Even doves have pride How can you just leave me standing? Alone in a world so cold? Maybe I'm just too demanding Maybe I'm just like my father too bold Maybe you're just like my mother She's never satisfied Why do we scream at each other This is what it sounds like When doves cry

You’ve got the butterflies all tied up
Don’t make me chase you
Even doves have pride
How can you just leave me standing?
Alone in a world so cold?
Maybe I’m just too demanding
Maybe I’m just like my father too bold
Maybe you’re just like my mother
She’s never satisfied
Why do we scream at each other
This is what it sounds like
When doves cry

It’s been a really long time since I’ve listened to Purple Rain or any Prince songs. But I think the most enduring artists leave you with more than just their artistic creations.  They resonate with you at the core of your being.

See the Big Picture…The Solution is Already There

Tunnel Vision. This is one of the key components of depression. It is the disease’s way of not only keeping you in its grips but strengthens its hold on you. The problem (and to the depressed mind that it often oneself) and its misery are the only things that exist. 

But that’s not true. There is an entire world that can be drawn upon to help you make your way out. You just have to allow yourself to see it. 

Often it feels like an impossible struggle to simply lift your head. Do it anyway. It’s worth it. 


Happy Easter 

Easter is the celebration of the sacrifice. We are reminded that Jesus died for our sins. As a mother, i think i get that. If i could, i would take any punishment to spare my baby girl from suffering. But that is not always a good idea. I think that we need to be willing to face our own sins a little more often and accept their consequences. After all, being human it is a given that we are sinners. Being repentant celebrates humanity. Is there a more noble way to honor the life we have been given than to accept our frailties and find strength in one another for it?
Be kind. Remember, we are all in this life together. 


Better Late Than Never…I Hope

Me 10 yrs old face
For decades I buried you so deep, even I forgot about you…but you kept hoping one day someone would save you. 

I emotionally abused you with my disgust, loathing and poor choices…but you found a way to survive. 

I covered you in layers of fat…but your heart still beat strong. 

Hang on a little while longer, kid. I’ve got my shovel, the f*ckin elliptical…and most of all…love. 

Today and all the days that follow…I’m on my way to save you.